Mentoring Program for PostDocs of the University of Geneva

The Postdoc Association of the University of Geneva has initiated a mentoring program for postdocs. The program is informal and optional and initiated at the request of the postdocs seeking mentorship. Ideally, the postdoc mentee would receive advice regarding career development and possibly the person's research. The program currently spans several departments in the Division of Sciences but we are eager to expand this further. Postdocs and Professors that wish to participate in the program can do so by registering at the bottom of this page.


If you have any feedback or questions about the Mentoring Program we would be happy to hear from you.


Professors currently participating in our Mentoring Program:

Department of Cell Biology

Sandra Citi
Didier Picard
Paul Guichard

department of Genetics and Evolution

Michel C. Milinkovitch

department of botany and plant biology

Michael Hothorn

department of Molecular Biology

Robbie Loewith
Florian Steiner

department of Biochemistry

Aurelien Roux
Howard Riezman
Thierry Soldati
Marko Kaksonen
Jean Gruenberg

Department of nuclear and corpuscular physics

Teresa Montaruli (for postdocs in Physics preferentially)


Patrycja Paruch (for postdocs in Physics preferentially)

Service Égalité

Brigitte Julia Mantilleri


I am a PI willing to become a mentor

If you wish to be a mentor,  please let us know so we can add you to the list.


I am a Post-Doc looking for a mentor

If you are looking for a mentor, you can let us know or directly  contact  one of the PIs on our list.