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Newly Hired at the University of Geneva ?


First of all: Welcome to the University of Geneva!

We are gathering information to help you with the ongoing rules at the university, the administrative procedures, where to look for flats and so on..

If you have any individual query, please contact us directly at association-postdoc-sciences(at)



About the conditions of employment at UNIGE, activities or general information.


General Conditions

- Standard of a flexible 40h/week for a full time position.

Respectfully, the building hours are:

Building Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
Sciences II and Sciences III 7h30-20h00 Closed Closed

- 6 weeks annual leave.

- You can also find here, the several official bank holidays:

For the official 2019 bank holidays click here


Salary ranges for postdocs

According to Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) rule:

The following salary ranges are annual gross salaries, excluding social security contributions by  the employer, calculated on a full -time basis.

Postdocs annual salary range from CHF 80,000 to 105,000.

For lower work -time percentages, the amounts must  be reduced accordingly. 

SNF Salary Rules.pdf


"Cahier des Charges"

- Each "cahier des charges" is to be defined and agreed personally with the supervisor and can be different from lab to lab.

- Post-Doctoral fellows at the Unige are expected to teach and/or give practicals for a certain percentage of their contract (usually 20-30%).



We also recommend you to attend the Human Resources welcome presentation organized each year for new collaborators (2017 Slides.pdf).


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us at association-postdoc-sciences(at)