Master of Arts in Translation

Our new curriculum offers three new MA in Translation programmes.

Master of Arts in Specialised Translation: This MA provides an in-depth study of the methods and approaches necessary to become a professional translator, with the option of specialising in legal or economic translation (“Legal and Institutional Translation” or “Economic and Financial Translation” specialisation), or translation studies, for those who are interested in teaching or conducting research (“Translation Studies” specialisation).

Master of Arts in Translation and Technologies: The aim of this branch is to produce skilled translators who specialise in translation technology and multilingual engineering, with a focus on translation software, terminology, localisation and project management.

Master of Arts in Translation and Specialised Multilingual Communication: This programme enables future translators to develop their analytical, linguistic, intercultural and group work skills in order to successfully carry out multilingual specialised communication projects. It combines translation work with skills in several different fields: a) corporate communication (multilingual finance and marketing); b) multimedia communication (web, localisation and audiovisual translation); and c) language management (language policy and language diversity management).

These three MAs share certain courses that help develop the necessary skills to become a professional translator. Students are required to complete 90 or 120 ECTS credits, depending on the number of B languages they have. The admissions procedure and entrance exams are the same for all three programmes. Applicants are not obliged to select their programme of study before being admitted, but must decide by their third semester of studies at the latest.

For more info, see the page "Maîtrises universitaires (Ma) en traduction" in French.