Quantum Photonics

Quantum Photonics includes the generation, emission, transmission, switching, amplification and in general, covers the engineering and coherent control of quantum systems, i.e. down to the single photon level. It is a key enabling quantum technology for the future. We are constantly exploring and developing novel approaches, exploiting classical, quantum and nonlinear optics, that allow us to produce single-, pair-, and multi-photon sources, with well defined and reproducible characteristics. These tools allow us to explore fundamental aspects of quantum physics and push the operating regimes for our quantum activities in communication, metrology and biophysics.

Our Quantum Photonics activities provide us with both the tools for exploring fundamental aspects of quantum physics, as well as the understanding to engineer quantum optical technologies. This approach follows a long tradition in Quantum optics where theory and experiment have advanced in unison since their inception. Over the last couple of decades Quantum Information Science has only strengthened this relationship.

Our primary goals are to investigate and engineer:

  • Next generation photon sources
  • Single photon frequency conversion interfaces
  • Photon-Photon interactions

Contact: Rob Thew

Team: Rob Thew, Hugo Zbinden, Anthony Martin, Gianluca Boso, Ephanielle Verbanis, Farid Samara