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Prof. T. Straub


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Thomas Straub is Professor for International Management & Director of the Executive Education at the Faculty GSEM of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Thomas has full responsibility for the management of the comprehensive executive education activities with more than 700 participants in more than 25 EMBA, MAS, DAS, and CAS programs. At the same time he is Permanent Visiting Professor and President of the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO department at the University of Bucharest, Rumania.

Thomas' research interests include international and strategic management as well as organizational development with a particular focus on Corporate and Social Entrepreneurship and Performance-Management. He is leading R&D projects at national and international level (e.g. Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) and Swiss Development Agency (SDC). He published several books, e.g. "Reasons for frequent failure in M&A" with Gabler Wissenschaft (DUV) in 2007, “More than Bricks in the Wall: Organizational Perspectives for Sustainable Success” with Gabler Springer in 2010 and “Einführung in die Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre” (Engl: Basics of Management) with Pearson 2nd Edition in 2015.

For many years he was member of the board of the Swiss Association of Organization and Management (ASO). Professor Straub has a Ph.D. in economic and social science from HEC (now GSEM), University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Research interests

  • International Management & Governance
  • Organisational Development
  • Corporate & Social Entrepreneurship

Selected publications


  • Schwenger D./Straub T./Borzillo S. (2014) Non-governmental organizations: strategic management for a competitive world, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 35 Iss: 4, pp.11 – 19.
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  • Borzillo, S; Straub, T.; Voicu-Dorobanţu, R. (forthcoming 2015) Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A cross-country comparison: Some guidelines for entrepreneurs. Growth Publisher: Fribourg, Bern, New York.
  • Straub, T. (forthcoming 2015) Mergers & Acquisitions - Erfolgsfaktoren für mittelständische Unternehmen. Haufe Fachbuch, Haufe Lexware, Munich.
  • Straub, T. (2014) Einführung in die Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre, 2. Edition, Pearson Studium, Munich.(ISBN Print Version: 978-3-8689-4233-0; ISBN eBook: 978-3-8632-6753-7)
  • Straub T./ Borzillo, S. (11/2012) Le management des connaissances, Dossier HRM-HR Today.
  • Straub, T. (2007) Reasons for frequent failure in Mergers & Acquisitions, A Comprehensive Analysis. Deutscher Universitäts Verlag (DUV), Gabler Edition Wissenschaft, Wiesbaden.

Selected projects

Romania - All-inclusive universities: A project for enhancing the accessibility services of universities for students with disabilities

2015 - 2016 Timisoara, Romania

School of Management Fribourg in collaboration with: Euroregional Center for Democracy. Funded by: Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme - Swiss Federal Council. Budget: ~100.000.- SFR, Duration: 2 years.

Expert of the Swiss Delegation

Moldova - Analyzing, sharing and improving good governance practices related to management and child protection policies of Non Profit Organizations in Post-Communist countries. The case of Moldova

2015 - 2016 Chișinău, Modova

School of Management Fribourg & GSEM-University of Geneva in collaboration with: Faculty of Psychology - University of Geneva, Terre des hommes Foundation - Moldova, Partnership for Every Child – Moldova, UNESCO Department for intercultural studies – University of Bucharest.

Funded by: RCSO HES-SO, University of Geneva, Terre des hommes Foundation - Moldova, Partnership for Every Child – Moldova, University of Bucharest,Budget: ~150.000.- SFR, Duration: 2 years.

Project leader

Canada - Implementation of the GEM Project (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) in Burkina Faso and Cameron

2014 - 2015 Québec, Canada

HES-SO Fribourg in collaboration with: Université du Québec, Trois Rivières/Canada ; Université Hassan II, Casablanca/ Morocco,

Funded by: Centre de Recherches pour le Développement International (CRDI), Canada, Budget : ~700.000.-USD, Duration : 3 years.

Expert of the Swiss Delegation

Switzerland - La Région capitale suisse, plaque tournante de la formation dans les matières politique et Administration

2012 Berne, Switzerland

School of Management Fribourg, funded by: Régioncapitalesuisse, Bern, Budget: 10.000.-SFR, Duration: 1 year.

Project leader

Switzerland - The Role of Venture Capital to support Entrepreneurship (SNF & UEFISCDI)

2012 - 2014 Berne, Switzerland

School of Management Fribourg, in collaboration with: Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest

Funded by: Romanian-Swiss Research Program (RSRP), Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) in cooperation with the Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) to implement the program (IZERZ0 _142306 / 1). Budget: ~400.000.- SFR, Duration: 2 years.

Project leader

Mongolia - Capacity building for local NGOs in Mongolia

2012 - 2014 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

School of Management Fribourg, funded by: Swiss Federation, represented by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, acting through Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development Mongolia (SDC), in cooperation with the World Bank, Budget: ~100.000.- SFR, Duration: 2 years.


Switzerland - Analysis of the Strategic Options for a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

2010 - 2011 Geneva, Switzerland

Research project for Carrefour Rue, Geneva

Project leader

Switzerland - Analysis of Strategic Business Units of a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

2010-2011 Geneva, Switzerland

Research project for Carrefour Rue, Geneva

Project leader

Switzerland - Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Unternehmertum im weltweiten Vergleich, Länderbericht Schweiz 2010

2010 Fribourg, Switzerland

School of Management Fribourg, funded by: CTI: l'agence pour la promotion de l'innovationand University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Budget: ~160.000.- SFR, Duration: 1 year.

Co-Project Leader

Switzerland - Inter-organizational Communities of Best Practices among multinational companies around lake Geneva

2009-2011 Fribourg, Switzerland

School of Management Fribourg, in collaboration with School of Business Administration Geneva.

Members: CIOs of Swiss multinational Companies such as Givaudan S.A., Nissan International S.A., Bunge Ltd, Sicpa SA, Firmenich S.A., PMI S.A., JTI S.A., Pictet & Cie, MerckSerono S.A., SGS Group, SC Johnson Europe Sàrl, Ferring Pharmaceuticals S.A. and Generali Assurances Générales SA.

Funded by: RCSO HES-SO, Merck Serono S.A., Genève; Philip Morris International, Lausanne; Givaudan S.A., Genève, Budget: ~220.000.- SFR, Duration: 2 years.

Project leader


Stratégie d'entreprise (Bachelor)
Change Management (Master)
Strategic Management (Executive MBA)
Projet de recherche / Research project (Bachelor/Master)


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