Feed-back (please)

I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think of these pages:

- Comments,
- Corrections,
- Suggestions for a next version,
- Etc.

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Information wanted

I am always looking for more technical info on the TI-99/4A and its peripherals. If you happen to know something that you think would fit in these pages, please let me know. In particular, I am looking for:

- Data manual for the TMS9919 sound chip
- Data manual for GROM memory chips
- Schematics and/or programming info for any peripheral not described in these pages (Gram kracker, etc)
- Info on special hardware (e.g. mouse, keyboard, MBE voice control system, etc)

Questions for you...

Finally, if you can provide an answer to any of the following question, your contribution would be appreciated:


Drive controller:
- Why is there a +12V buffer on the disk controller card, to send the selection signals back to cru bits?


- Anyone knows a program that scans an assembly source and adds comments indicating how long each instruction is going to take for execution?
- Does XML >14 place the string length in word >8350-51 for string array elements?

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