• Crystal structure solution of an elusive polymorph of Dibenzylsquaramide
    A. Portell, X. Alcob, L.M. Lawson Daku, R. Cerny and R. Prohens
    Powder Diffraction, 28 (S2) (2013), p470-480
    DOI:10.1017/S0885715613000821 | unige:35159 | Abstract | Article PDF
The crystal structure of the third polymorph of dibenzylsquaramide (Portell, A. et al., 2009), (fig. 1) has been determined from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data by means of direct space methods using the computing program FOX. (Favre-Nicolin and Černý, 2002) The structure resolution has not been straightforward due to several difficulties on the indexing process and in the space group assignment. The asymmetric unit contains two different conformers, which has implied an additional difficulty during the Rietveld (Rietveld, 1969) refinement. All these issues together with particular structural features of disquaramides are discussed.



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