• Discrete polynuclear manganese(II) complexes with thiacalixarene ligands: synthesis, structures and photophysical properties
    Y. Suffren, N. O'Toole, A. Hauser, E. Jeanneau, A. Brioude and C. Desroches
    Dalton Transactions, 44 (17) (2015), p7991-8000
    DOI:10.1039/C5DT00827A | unige:72656 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF | Supporting Info
The synthesis, crystal structure and photophysical properties of the new compound [Mn4(ThiaSO2)2F][K(18-crown-6)], ThiaSO2 = p-tertbutylsulphonylcalix[4]arene, are presented and compared to the ones of [Mn4(ThiaSO2)2F]K. The strong orange luminescence is attributed to the Mn2+ centred 4T16A1 transition. Its temperature and pressure dependence and quenching by molecular dioxygen are reported. The latter is attributed to energy transfer from the 4T1 state exciting dioxygen to its 1Σ+g state. In the solid state, the quenching is much more efficient in [Mn4(ThiaSO2)2F][K(18-crown-6)] than in [Mn4(ThiaSO2)2F]K. This is attributed to the open pore structure of the former allowing fast diffusion of dioxygen into the crystal lattice.



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