• Exchange interactions in mixed Yb3+-Cr3+ and Yb3+-Ho3+ dimers: An inelastic-neutron-scattering investigation of Cs3Yb1.8Cr0.2Br9 and Cs3Yb1.8Ho0.2Br9
    M.A. Aebersold, H.U. Gdel, A. Hauser, A. Furrer, H. Blank and R. Kahn
    Physical Review B, 48 (1993), p12723-12731
    DOI:10.1103/PhysRevB.48.12723 | unige:3021 | Abstract | Article PDF
The two title compounds were synthesized and investigated with the inelastic-neutron-scattering (INS) technique. They contain mixed YbMBr93- (M=Cr3+, Ho3+) dimers as discrete units, and the magnetic excitations of mixed Yb3+-Cr3+ and Yb3+-Ho3+ dimers could thus be observed. The Yb3+-Cr3+ dimer has three INS transitions, for which anisotropic exchange, as well as zero-field splitting of Cr3+, has to be included in the exchange Hamiltonian. For the Yb3+-Ho3+ dimer the effect of the exchange interaction manifests itself as a broadening and a splitting of the crystal-electric-field levels of the isolated Ho3+ ion. Taking into account the full (2+ 1) ground-state multiplet of Ho3+, as well as anisotropic exchange, gives a satisfactory description of this dimer.



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