• Effect of External Pressure on the Excitation Energy Transfer from [Cr(ox)3]3- to [Cr(bpy)3]3+ in [Rh1-xCrx(bpy)3][NaM1-yCry(ox)3]ClO4
    M. Milos, P. Pal and A. Hauser
    ChemPhysChem, 11 (14) (2010), p3161-3166
    Keywords: [Cr(bpy)3]3+; [Cr(ox)3]3−; 3D oxalate networks; excitation energy transfer; high pressures
    DOI:10.1002/cphc.201000324 | unige:14715 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF
  • Photophysical properties of three-dimensional transition metal tris-oxalate network structures
    A. Hauser, M.E. Von Arx, V.S. Langford, S. Kairouani, U. Oetliker and A. Pillonnet
    in "Topics in Current Chemistry, Transition Metal and Rare Earth Compounds. Excited States, Transitions, and Interactions, Vol III" (ed. H. Yersin), Springer, Berlin, 241 (2004)
    Keywords: oxalate networks ; [Cr(ox)3]3– ; [Cr(bpy)3]3+ ; 2E state ; resonant energy transfer ; phonon-assisted energy transfer ; Förster transfer ; Exchange interaction
    DOI:10.1007/b96860 | unige:3941



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