Théâtre anglais

Photo: Denis Ponté, 2019

Théâtre en langue anglaise

Printemps 2022

Joining the English language theatre group will give you the opportunity, through an inclusive creative process, to discover the world of acting and explore a variety of different forms of expression while collectively co-creating a play in English.

Program: Momo in the Museum of Time

This spring, we’ll be building on the foundations that have already been co-created this autumn – a play, driven in large part by movement and music, entitled “Momo in the Museum of Time”.

The play is in part inspired by the book Momo, by Michael Ende, which examines the nature of friendship and our relationships with time. Our version will be a coming-of-age story which (in its current form) aims to address the same themes, in large part based on our personal experiences. Much of the play is still to be co-written by you, and our exact relationship with the source material is still in the process of being defined.

Much of the play will take place in the world’s first and only “Museum of Time”, which is not a museum of watches, or clocks, but of time itself. What exactly happens in such a place? That too we will discover and invent together over the course of this spring semester.

The exact dates of this year’s final play will be posted on this page in early February. Participants will be expected to make themselves available on most evenings and weekends during the weeks preceding the play.

How we work: Moving Fragments

This year, we will be exploring how we can create and tell stories through movement.

Taking as our point of departure a movement, a gesture, a pose, we’ll gradually create our play combining theatre, music, dance and any other disciplines that we encounter along the way.

Our co-constructed play will represent what’s important to each and every one of us, the stories we want to share.

Objectives and skills

Regardless of whether you choose to be part of our final play, this workshop will be an opportunity for you to grow in confidence, improve your English language skills, and increase (or begin building) your repertoire of theatrical skills. You will have the opportunity to participate in every stage of the creation of a play which represents something important to you.


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Le cours a commencé il y a quelques mois. Le cours se déroule en 11 séances.  Cliquez sur une séance pour plus de détail.

  • Séance d’essai vendredi 25 février 2022 14:30 ‑ 15:15
  • vendredi 4 mars 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 11 mars 2022 14:30 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 18 mars 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 25 mars 2022 14:30 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 1 avril 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 8 avril 2022 14:30 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 29 avril 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 6 mai 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 13 mai 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 20 mai 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
  • vendredi 27 mai 2022 14:15 ‑ 17:00
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  • 120.- personnel
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