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For students

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We offer students and alumni of the University of Geneva (up to two years after their graduation) a free individualized follow-up for any employment-related question.

The career counselors at the Career Center are specialized by faculty and receive you in French or English.

We offer:

  • Correction of CVs and/or cover letters.
  • Simulation of a job interviews.
  • Definition of your professional profile and job search strategy.
  • Advice on why and how to network.
  • Answers to your questions about professional integration and the job market.

Make an appointment

For an individual interview, contact the Career Center by phone at 022 / 379 77 02, between 8:30 am and 1 pm, Monday to Friday.

Prerequisites: for a correction of CV and/or cover letter, the documents submitted to the Career Center must have been carefully prepared. For this purpose, the Career Center offers you tutorials to follow. Any preparation deemed insufficient will postpone your appointment.


Emergency appointments are offered if you must apply or be interviewed within 10 days.

Quickly find your first job after graduation by gaining work experience while you are still a student. An internship will allow you to develop skills, clarify your interests, discover the professional world, build up a network and obtain a work certificate useful in your future job search.

Some faculties offer a mandatory credited internship program. These are called "intracursus" internships. In addition, we offer "extracursus" internships. These are internships which you can do during your studies to increase your employability.

Our counsellors are at your disposal for information and advice.


To facilitate the transition from university to the world of work, the mentoring program connects master's level students (mentees) with university graduates (mentors).

As a mentee, you will be connected with a graduate in your field of interest who will follow you for seven months. Through several interviews and workshops, you will be brought to:

  • Get to know your future professional field better and understand its needs.
  • Discover your assets and skills.
  • Establish your first network contacts

More info at: mentorat-alumni(at)

The Career Center offers numerous courses and workshops on employment to help you define your career plan, prepare your applications and job interviews, get the most out of LinkedIn, etc.

These courses are open to students of the University of Geneva (excluding continuing education), as well as to alumni, during the first two years following their graduation. The courses are free and accessible upon registration.

The list of upcoming courses is available on the platform.

You can also find online tutorials.

For Employers

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