Financial Aid


I can't log in, what is the problem?

Make a screenshot of the error message and send it to us by email at aides‑financieres(at) Our team will investigate the problem as soon as possible.

I am a HES student and I cannot access the form.

If you are unable to access the financial assistance application form, please follow the steps detailed below:

  • Contact your school directly to obtain your registration number;
  • Send your registration number by e‑mail to age(at) so that the Direction of the Information Systems of the HES‑SO Geneva can directly complete this number in our database.
  • If your problem is different, do not hesitate to send an e‑mail to aides‑financieres(at)
The form does not display correctly, I get an error message.
  • Try again with the Firefox browser, update it and clear the cache.
  • If the problem persists, take a screenshot of the error message and email it to us at aides‑financieres(at) Our team will investigate the problem as soon as possible.
I need a certificate to finalize a request for financial assistance, where can I get it?
  • If your request is for a general attestation, please contact the Admissions Office by sending them your request from the platform.
  • If your request concerns a specific subject (duration of studies, activity rate or other), please contact the secretariat of your faculty directly.

All the information and documents required are listed in the Directive (in French). Please, consult it before contacting the Financial Service.

I don't have all the requested documents yet, can I still submit my application?

Yes, however it is imperative that you explain the reasons for the absence of the document in question and provide it to us as soon as possible.

Incomplete applications without explanations will not be processed and a denial will automatically be sent to the student.

I do not meet the criteria for monthly aid from the University, can I still submit my application?

Yes. If you do not meet our eligibility criteria, you may still be eligible for monthly aid from a private foundation.

I have already applied this year and the form does not allow me to apply a second time. What can I do?

Please send an e‑mail to the secretariat at aides‑financieres(at) Don't forget to provide in PDF format the new supporting documents for your new application and a new cover letter, and to specify the type of assistance requested.

Under no circumstances will the grants be cancelled until the end of the semester.

I still haven't heard anything about my application. Has it been received?

We are currently receiving many requests and are doing our best to respond as quickly as possible. All applications will be processed in order of receipt.

UNIGE Students can view the status of their application on the Student Portal (“My Unige” tab). HES‑SO Geneva Students can view the status of their application on the scholarship management page.

Your application has been received if the status of your application says “Submitted”.

I don't have a Swiss bank account, can I provide my foreign payment card?

No. You must have a Swiss bank account in your name.

I am under 25 years old, do I have to provide documents from my parents?

Yes. You must provide your legal guardians' last complete tax notice as well as your own. You can add it in the “Other info” (“Autres infos”) section.

I don't have access to a printer, how can I scan my documents?

You can scan pdf documents from your smartphone using an app such as Adobe Scan (available on Android and Apple).

The form only accepts pdf documents. If you have taken a photo of your documents, you can convert them to pdf via the print options (on Mac: “Print”, then choose “Save as pdf”. On Windows: “Print”, then choose the printer “Microsoft Print to pdf”), or by using a tool like smallpdf, which is a free online service.

Note: the maximum size for a pdf file accepted by the form is 1MB. If your pdf is too large, please see the FAQ entry below.

The document I want to upload is too large, what can I do?
  • Use a tool to reduce the size of your pdf, e.g. smallpdf, which is a free online tool.
  • Rather than one large document, you also have the option of submitting several additional documents in the “Other Info” (“Autres infos”) section.

Note: the maximum size for a pdf file accepted by the form is 1MB.

How can I attach several pay slips?

You can attach additional pay slips using the green “+” button.

How do I submit the documents to validate my application?

Once the form has been submitted, you can make an appointment to come and bring the documents until the end of October each year by writing an email to exo‑taxes(at) or by calling 022 379 77 27.

The deadline for submitting my application has passed. What can I do?

The application must be submitted between 15 September and 30 September of each academic year. If the application is accepted, the exemption is valid for 2 semesters of the academic year.

Once the deadline has passed, you can only apply during the year in the following cases:

  • Following a late registration or for the spring semester (autumn mobility or new registration).
  • Following a grant refusal from the canton of Geneva or another canton.

Question, problem?

If you haven't found the answer in the FAQ above, you can contact us at aides‑financieres(at)