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Mobility grants

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The purpose of the mobility grant is to enable students, who could not otherwise afford it, to carry out their study project abroad or within the framework of national mobility.



The scholarship is paid on the basis of a minimum of 2 months of mobility and a maximum of 10 months (which is equivalent to 2 semesters). The student can benefit from a maximum of one mobility scholarship per degree, i.e. only once for a Bachelor's degree and once for a Master's degree.


Granting conditions

In order to be eligible for a mobility grant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be registered at the UNIGE or the HES-SO Geneva and have paid the study fees up to the semester preceding the application.
  • Be enrolled in a first Bachelor's or Master's program in a coherent academic course.
  • Have successfully completed at least one year of study at a recognized Swiss university in the same program.
  • Have validated the required credits during the past year, according to the terms and conditions specified in the study regulations of the program. If necessary, an attestation from the student advisor may be required.
  • In the case of national mobility, it must take place outside French-speaking Switzerland, provided that the language spoken at the host university is not the student's mother tongue.
  • Proof of employment up to the time of departure. The minimum duration of work must be at least 4 months during the year preceding the application.
  • Have a budget of expenses on the spot from the host university.

All the granting criteria are detailed in the Directive (in French), which is the authoritative document.



  • The submission of applications via the app SAFIRE begins on August 1* of each year. Applications are made for the following academic year. There is no possibility for a retroactive application for the previous academic year.
  • Applications for mobility grants must be submitted no later than one month before departure, but in no case before August 1. If the student leaves during the summer to start the academic year, he/she should contact the Financial Service and inform them that he/she will apply for a mobility that he/she has already started.
  • A mobility grant cannot be applied for after the departure for the mobility, except in the case mentioned above (departure before September 1).


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