Financial Aid

Social counseling and debt relief

Audiences:  UNIGE HESGE

Cups are available free of charge at the Social Service (2 per person, S or M). To obtain one: write to

The Social counseling and debt relief service helps students to manage their social problems and to understand the financial constraints linked to their studies at university. It is managed by a social worker, who provides you with the right tools in order to complete your studies in the best possible conditions. She determines the best way to help you and supports you until you reach your goal at the University of Geneva.

Why make an appointment?

Our service helps you manage social problems, understand them and act effectively to solve them. Our social workers are trained to deal with the social problems that students may encounter.

You can make an appointment to address any of these issues:

Help with administrative procedures

  • To take stock and sort in your documents.
  • Understand the functioning of insurance (healthcare, social, other) in Geneva.
  • To be accompanied in the steps to assert your rights.
  • Answer your questions about forms and applications for cantonal financial aid.
  • Evaluate a debt situation and consider a debt reduction project.

Personalized answers to your social questions

  • Improve your family relationships.
  • Encourage your integration and adaptation.
  • Better manage relational problems.
  • Manage conflict.

How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment with a social worker for advice, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 022 379 77 79.

If your request is for financial assistance, please submit your application online and you will be contacted directly.

Social interviews are offered in French or English. The offers of the Social counseling and debt relief service are intended for students of the UNIGE and the HES-SO Geneva.


All the social services we offer are free of charge.

Ethical and deontological rules

Each collaborator is required to respect the rules of ethics, deontology and confidentiality to which the professions in the health and social fields are bound. All requests are therefore treated with strict confidentiality and respect.

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