Health & Wellness

Psychological support

You are demotivated and depressed? Your anxiety is interfering with your life, your sleep, your studies and your relationships? You have experienced a traumatic event that has upset you?

Our psychologists will listen to you and provide you with support in complete confidentiality. After evaluating your situation with you, they will be able to propose immediate solutions or refer you to the services or therapists best able to respond to your needs.

Why consult?

  • Preventing or recovering from depression or overexertion
  • Dealing with a romantic break-up or loss
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Learning to assert yourself
  • Breaking out of addictive behavior (use of alcohol or other substances, sexuality)
  • Leaving a situation of relational or sexual violence
  • Better managing your stress
  • Improving and managing your anxiety
  • Coming out of a trauma
  • Improving your relationship

How does a psychological follow-up take place?

First, you will meet with a psychologist from the Health and Psychological Support Services and you will proceed to an evaluation of your situation. You will then decide whether or not to continue with a psycho-therapeutic follow-up.
Depending on the reasons for your consultation and your financial situation, we will offer you to:

  • Refer you to external resources that allow for a follow-up to meet your needs.
  • Consult one of our psychotherapists for a short, medium or long-term psycho-therapeutic follow-up.


All sessions are charged CHF 25 per session or CHF 50 for a couple session. If you have financial difficulties, you can submit a request for specific assistance to the Social and Financial Services.

Schedules and appointment booking

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Appointments are available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm. Sessions can be conducted in French, English or German.

Appointments are made online with your student address.

Consult our team of therapists.


Sessions take place at:

Health and Psychology Service
4, rue De-Candolle
1205 Genève
Tel. +41 22 379 74 41


In accordance with the regulations governing professional secrecy, the interviews proposed by the psychological service are strictly confidential. No information is transmitted without written authorization from the student, except in cases of emergency where the life of a person would be in danger.


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