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Sleep consultation


Do you have sleeping difficulties that impact your day and prevent you from concentrating? Do you have the feeling of sleeping too much?

If you are concerned about your sleep, the Health and Psychology Service offers you a consultation to evaluate your sleep situation and direct you to the appropriate resources for your problem.


  • Frequent difficulty falling asleep or repeated nighttime awakenings
  • Drowsiness during the day despite a good night’s sleep
  • Breathing pauses during the night
  • Significant difficulty waking up in the morning with the feeling of not being awake for several hours after waking up
  • Significant shifts in sleep patterns compared to those around you
  • Concerns about your sleep


First, you will meet with a psychologist specializing in sleep in order to assess your difficulties. At the end of this evaluation (one or more sessions), and depending on your problems, your financial resources and the places available, we will propose you:

  • To direct you to external resources for a follow‑up adapted to your needs
  • A sleep follow‑up of a few sessions by our psychologist

During a sleep consultation:

  • Interviews last approximately 50 minutes
  • Interviews can be conducted in French or in English
  • Appointments can be made online with your student address (button at the bottom of the page)
  • Interviews can be conducted remotely or in person at the:
Health and Psychology Service
4, rue De‑Candolle
1205 Genève
Tel. +41 22 379 13 33 (reception)


All sessions are charged at CHF 25 per session.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you may apply for a one‑time assistance from the Financial Service.


In accordance with the regulations governing professional secrecy, the sessions offered at the psychological service are strictly confidential. No information is transmitted without written authorization from the student, except in cases of force majeure where a person’s life would be in danger.


Appointments are made exclusively online: