The interactive round-table

How and why should you make your mental health a priority?

Reflections on a major issue for youth and students

  • Thursday, 20 October, 2022
  • 6:15 pm‑8:15 pm
  • Uni Dufour, U300 (Rouiller Auditorium)
  • Free admission without registration



Evening program

  • 6:30 pm: introductory speeches
  • 6:30 pm‑8:15 pm: interactive round table
  • 8:15 pm: cocktail reception and informal exchanges in the Uni Dufour cafeteria

On the occasion of the #MyMindMyPriority campaign, the ADEPSY proposes a round‑table discussion on the psychological problems encountered by young people during their studies.

In an era where academic performance is a major preoccupation in the lives of young people, projecting oneself and reconciling studies and psychological well‑being at the same time is a challenge. Moreover, the recent crises have highlighted the lack of consideration from society regarding the difficulties experienced by young people.

How to maintain good mental health while in school?
How can I be made aware of the importance of mental health?
What tools do we already have at our disposal to prevent psychological difficulties in young people?
How can we support and guide students who are experiencing difficulties in their academic and professional journeys?

As we talk more and more about mental health and its importance in our daily lives, we now have the keys to take action. We can further develop our physical, intellectual and psychological resources to make mental health a priority for everyone. This means finding solutions adapted to the specific problems of young people, and integrating them into the thinking process using their skills and initiatives.

This round‑table is intended to be interactive and will allow the public to actively participate in the discussions by asking questions to the experts and to Adepsy.


introductory speech

Micheline Louis‑Courvoisier, vice‑director

 Micheline Louis-Courvoisier.jpg


Speakers and facilitators

Guest experts

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Arnaud Pictet

Psychologist‑psychotherapist FSP with CBT orientation, doctorate in clinical psychology (Oxford University)

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Stephan Wenger

Psychologist-psychotherapist of psychoanalytical orientation and co-president of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP)

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Anne Edan

Assistant physician at the HUG in child and adolescent psychiatry and is the head of the MALATAVIE crisis unit



  • Inès Lepreux, Master student in clinical psychology, member of Adepsy
  • Quentin Zongo, Master student in clinical psychology, member of Adepsy

INTERpreters (french sign language)

  • Stéphane Gobert, independent French sign language interpreter
  • Fernande Trigo, independent French sign language interpreter