The Platform participates at the 2020 World Water Week@home

This year the Stockholm World Water Week takes place through online sessions.

The Platform participates in three sessions:

  • Facing the climate emergency effectively leveraging science, governance and diplomacy
    Monday 24 August | 16:00-17:00

    This session presents regional experiences to climate driven events and focus on discussing the need to develop “science, governance and diplomacy” solutions to respond to climate variability in transboundary waters. This session is co-convened by the Geneva Water Hub, the IUCN Center on Environmental Law and the Swiss Development Agency.



  • Water Under Fire Session
    Friday 28 August | 14:00-14:45

    This event aims at launching the executive summary of the "Water under fire 2" UNICEF report and presents the developments of the Geneva List of Principles on the Protection of Water Infrastructure. Key experts from UNICEF, the Global WASH Cluster, the Swiss Development Agency, the Netherlands Government, Action Against Hunger and the Geneva Water Hub/University of Geneva participate in this session.



  • Reducing the Risks of Climate-Related Water Conflicts
    Friday 28 August | 16:00-16:45

    This session aims to bring awareness to the legal, political and governance tools available to prevent climate-related water conflicts, equipping water development and peacebuilding practitioners, governments, and others with strategies to sustain peace. This session is co-convened by the Environmental Peacebuilding Association, the Geneva Water Hub, Global Water 2020, Duke University, the Pacific Institute and the Water, Peace and Security Partnership

26 août 2020
Geneva Water Hub