General Policy

Uni Dufour, a Brand New Student Hub

2023 - From the academic year 2023, student services (excluding academic matters) are brought together under one roof in the Uni Dufour building, which becomes the centre of campus life, also offering workspaces, relaxation areas, and meeting spaces for the student community.

Various services are grouped there: international mobility, Housing Office, DIFE (Division of Training and Students), Graduate Campus, registrations, and the UNIGE Boutique. The Campus Life Information Point, a welcoming space for students located on the 1st floor, embodies this new purpose.

Thanks to the support of the Ernst and Lucie Schmidheiny Foundation, UNIGE has been able to create new spaces on the 4 floors and basement of the building. Work areas have been established, as well as flexible spaces for meetings, events, relaxation, or dining. Special attention has been given to greening, especially in the ground floor hall.

In addition, significant decluttering work has been done to highlight the architectural quality of the building by combating visual pollution. Signage, communication, and display devices are also currently being reassessed.

Finally, a space on the 3rd floor has been set up with meeting rooms, concentration/remote work booths, a creativity room, and a relaxation area. It is intended for all Dufour employees. This space is designed to test new spatial and work organization methods.

24 rue Général-Dufour - CH-1204 Geneva

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