Research directions

The reserach done by the IDEA lab articulates issues of learning and development through the perspectif of school interventions. We consider that the better understanding of the links between school learning and development are a priority in educational sciences in order to make school interventions as beneficial as possible.

The reserach that is conducted for this purpose in our laboratory falls under the following themes:

  • The role of students' prior knowledge in representational processes and knowledge construction
  • The influence of analogies in the representation construction and learning
  • Teachers' and students' intuitive conceptions
  • Implicit theories about teaching and learning
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Critical reasoning
  • Collaborative learning and social interactions
  • The meaning behind errors and school difficulties
  • Pedagogical differentiation
  • Evaluation of learning considered through teaching practices and external tests

If you would like more information about our research programs, you may consult our publications, or contact Prof. Emmanuel Sander.

Research equipment

The reasearch laboratory is found in room M5127. It is equiped with :

  • Eye tracking device
  • Experimental stations
  • Environment for interviews
  • Audio & vidéo captation

For further information you may contact Hippolyte Gros and Katarina Gvozdic (Lab Managers).