Our values

Solidarity :

In the context of health restrictions, public demonstrations and citizen participation movements are rendered impossible and the climate strikes have been stopped in their tracks. As usual democratic tools are currently inaccessible, it becomes necessary to rethink the forms of citizen expression and participation.

We want to create an impulse of solidarity, symbolically and concretely uniting citizens around a common cause, affecting our local and global environment.

Mental health :

The pandemic has exacerbated mental distress to the point of becoming a major problem in many countries, along with health, economic and social issues. Prolonged stress, isolation and a sedentary lifestyle pose significant risks to our health and mental well-being. However, this aspect remains underestimated and insufficiently taken care of at the moment.  We wish to draw the attention of the authorities and the population to is so that appropriate measures can be taken.  

Natural environment :

The loss of contact with nature, confinement, urban densification and the lack of vegetation in the city has many consequences for both: humans and biodiversity. Urban densification contributes to the increase of pollution and the rise of the ambient temperature. From an ecological and health point of view, it has become urgent to adapt the development of our cities. The city of Geneva has made many efforts in terms of greening and sustainable development but there is still a lot to do.