Sign languages and linguistics in Geneva (SLLG) (NEW NEW DATES!)

November 16-19, 2021, Université de Genève, UniBastions




SLLG is a multidisciplinary school brought to you by the Department of Linguistics at the University of Geneva, with the aim of fostering sign language research and discovery of deaf culture and languages across disciplines. For its first edition, it will bring together students and scholars alike for a four-days teaching program consisting in six workshops, during which our guests instructors will provide participants with an array of theoretical and practical tools commonly used within the field of sign language studies.

The event will consist in two parts. The first part (March 2021) will consist in Lara Mantovan (Università Ca' Foscari, Venice) teaching an online introductory class on sign language linguistics. The second part will occur mid-November both online and on-site at the University of Geneva, and will feature hands-on workshops aimed at developing specific skills in sign language linguistics such as corpus-based analyses, elicitation methods, experimental design and computational-based methods for sign language studies.

The event is open to students, researchers, and teachers from every discipline and does not require any background, nor previous knowledge of, sign languages. For further information, please contact David Blunier.



Cindy van Boven (Universiteit van Amsterdam): Corpus-based analyses for sign languages

Bastien David (Université de Genève): Case studies from NLP research in sign languages: BabelDr and JASigning Avatar projects

Evgeniia Khristoforova (Universiteit van Amsterdam): Experimental design for sign language research

Vadim Kimmelman (Universitetet i Bergen):

- Analysis of lexical variation using a database of Russian Sign Language

- Using Computer Vision for linguistic analysis of sign languages

Giorgia Zorzi (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen): Elicitation methods for sign languages



David Blunier



November 16-19, 2021, Université de Genève, salle Denis de Rougemont

The school will take place in a hybrid format, both online and on-site in Geneva. All the instructors will be teaching live and classes will be broadcasted on Zoom. Important note: due to the sanitary situation, the school is limited to 30 on-site participants. All participants will be asked a valid sanitary pass in order to attend the school, following restrictions currently enforced in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, due to several shortcomings brought about by the current sanitary situation, we are unable to provide a live translation in ASL or ISL. Please contact the organizers if you are impacted by this setup.


Tuition, accommodation and travel expenses

There is no tuition to be paid for the school, attendance is free of charge. Travel expenses and accomodation are guaranteed to be reimbursed for students coming from Swiss Universities. Foreign students, please contact David Blunier.



Send an email with your name and affiliation, including a brief motivation paragraph explaining why you would like to attend the school to David Blunier.


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First part (March): Introduction to sign language linguistics (Lara Mantovan, Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia)

The class will be held on Zoom from Tuesday, March 2 to Thursday, March 4,  4-6 pm and will consist of the following program:

- Introduction to sign languages: how does the visual modality shape language structure?

- Sign language research: an overview of the main methodological issues and challenges;

- A pragmatic study on the expression of irony in Italian Sign Language (and a follow-up on irony detection).


The class will be given in English. Attendance is completely free but registration is mandatory. Note that the Zoom link will be available for registered participants only; please register by sending an email to David Blunier.

6 février 2021