On-demand MOOC "Global Health : an interdisciplinary overview"


The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled ‘Global Health: an interdisciplinary overview’ is now available on-demand to everyone. The University of Geneva launched ‘Global Health: an interdisciplinary overview’ in October 2013 on Coursera.

The course presents an overview of current global health challenges drawing on the insights of several academic disciplines including medicine, public health, law, economics, social sciences and humanities. An interdisciplinary approach guide the student into several critical topics in global health.

Researchers from many faculties as well as international organizations are featured in this course. It presents global health through contemporary challenges. Issues such as climate change or trade not only cross national boundaries but also disciplinary territories and they can have far reaching effects on health and health systems. These challenges call for a coordinated and trans-disciplinary approach. The course introduces and uses an ecological or 'systems' perspective, along with a social determinants and human rights approach to health.

You can find out more and follow the course "Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview" on Coursera.