Our group offers the possibility to work on PhD theses in several fields, especially in a wide range of topics covering our main expertise in high-energy astroparticle physics.

Some example of PhD theses currently under development and recently finished are reported in the following.


 PhD Theses under development

- Cyril Alispach: Calibration and data analysis of the SST-1M prototype telescope

- Francesco Lucarelli: Neutrino multi-flare time-dependent point-source searches with IceCube

- Luis David Medina Miranda: Low level characterisation of scintillating fibres on the SciFi detector for the µ3e experiment. Hardware measurements and development for the SST1M camera for CTA. Low level MC simulation for LST in CTA


Completed PhD Theses

University of Geneva:

- Steve Njoh Ekoume: Development of a small Cherenkov camera for UHE cosmic rays and CTA data analysis

- Tessa Carver: Neutrino Point-like source searches with IceCube

- Stephanie Bron: Atmospheric muon neutrino measurement with IceCube

- Asen ChristovMulti-Messenger studies with the IceCube DetectorUniversité de Genève, 2016.


University of Wisconsin-Madison:

- Jon DummPoint-source searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison.

Mike BakerTime dependent searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison.