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Publication search from Inspire, CiteSummary with three renowned papers (500+): Discovery of Cosmic neutrinos in IceCube and respective Science paper, discovery of atmospheric neutrino oscillations in MACRO

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Research: My research activity started in 1994 and has mainly concerned Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays. I have been working on atmospheric neutrino oscillations, dark matter and neutrino astronomy in the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso. We found out that the neutrinos we detected between millions of muons were oscillating more strongly in the vertical upgoing direction than in the horizon. For this I was awarded the Duggal Award.

 I continued to work on Neutrino Astronomy in the ANTARES undersea telescope and in IceCube where I mostly concentrating in defining the analysis for searches of time dependent and independent point and extended sources. 

I started focusing on gamma-ray astronomy and  hardware activities in HAWC on the trigger and on photosensors (namely SiPMs).  I regretfully left HAWC when I went from the USA to Geneva and I continued the activities on gammas in CTA, where I lead one of the projects for the construction of 70 small size telescopes.

I teach at undergraduate and graduate student level. Our group offer plenty of PhD and Master Thesis opportunities of work.


Domenico della Volpe (Maître d'enseignement et de recherche)






Isaac Troyano (Electronic Engineer)

E-mail: isaac.troyano.pujadas(at)

Matthieu Heller (Maître assistant) 







Victor Coco (Maître assistant)

Email: victor.coco(at)

Imen Al Samarai (Post-doctorante)



Imen joined the group in August 2016 to work on simulations for SST-1M telescope in CTA, and partly on point source analyses in IceCube. She did her Physics studies in Paris, before acquiring her PhD on ANTARES/Km3NeT on multi-messenger programs with neutrinos. She is broadly interested in astroparticle physics with an experience with neutrinos and cosmic rays and currently focusses on high-energy gamma rays detection in CTA.


Andrii Nagai (Assistant post-doctorant)

E-mail: Andrii.Nagai(at)


Tessa Carver (Doctorante)

Email: Tessa.Carver(at)


Tessa joined the group in August 2015 to work on Point Source Searches using the IceCube detector. She completed her MSci at Imperial College London with a year abroad working with the Virgo group at Université Paris-Sud Orsay looking for Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings. She is generally interested in Astroparticle Physics , Neutrinos and Astronomy. 

Stephanie Bron (Doctorante)

Email: stephanie.bron(at)

Stéphanie joined the group in April 2016 as a PhD student. She did her undergraduate studies in physics here at the University in Geneva and her Master thesis in London working on the design of a future neutrino experiment, Hyper-Kamiokande.

She currently works with the IceCube experiment looking for a correlation between gamma-rays and neutrinos with a goal of determining possible neutrino sources. More generally, she is interested in astronomy, neutrino physics and outreach.

Cyril Alispach (Doctorant)

Email: Cyril.Alispach(at)


Cyril joined the group as a PhD student in September 2016. He did his Bachelor and Master in Physics at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Cyril is strongly involved in the calibration of the first SST-1M camera prototype for CTA. He is starting activities on gamma-hadron separation for the CTA using Neural Networks. His fields interest are: Astroparticle physics, Python programming in Astronomy, Monte-Carlo simulations, Machine Learning and Silicon photomultipliers.


Stephane Njoh Ekoume (Doctorant)


Stephane has been part of the group as a PhD student since September 2016. He did his Master in Physics at University of Dschang in Cameroon. He then received an excellence scholarship from the Swiss Government which allowed him to join the group of CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) at the University of Geneva.

He is working on the software and the electronic design of a camera prototype which will be used by students for practical work on SIPMs, gamma-ray astronomy and astroparticle physics.

Asen Christov (Doctorant) (Thesis Defended on Nov 2016)

Email: christov(at)