PhD & Master Theses


  • PhD Theses Under Development

-  Steve Njoh Ekoume: Development of a small Cherenkov camera for UHE cosmic rays and CTA data analysis

- Cyril Alispach: Development of new analysis i

- Tessa Carver: Neutrino Point-like source searches with IceCube

- Stephanie Bron: Atmospheric muon neutrino measurement with IceCube
  • Competed PhD Thesis works
University of Geneva: 
- Rameez MohammedIceCube searches for neutrinos from dark matter annihilations in the Sun and cosmic accelerators. Université de Genève, 2016. Laureate of the Chipp Prize 2016.
- Asen ChristovMulti-Messenger studies with the IceCube DetectorUniversité de Genève, 2016.

University of Wisconsin-Madison:

- Jon DummPoint-source searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison.

Mike BakerTime dependent searches with IceCube. 2011, UW-Madison. 

  • Master Theses 

The group offers the possibility of data analysis thesis with the camera of the small size telescope of CTA, called SST-1M. In particular a study of the gamma ray-emission from blazars (black holes in the cores of galaxies) and of supernova remnants is a very relevant topic at this time!