Instrumentation Platform Presentation

The Physical Chemistry Department's instrumentation platform has various instruments in free access for routine analysis.

As a new user, a training session for instruments in free access is necessary. These training sessions are about 15-30 minutes, depending on experience. To register for a training session, please contact via email the superuser of the instrument in question. Please identify yourself, your advisor, faculty, and department, as well as the instrument of interest. This training session aims to give information about the platform service, use policy, and provide instructions enabling users to conduct their measurement in a collaborative atmosphere.

After the training session, a login using your UNIGE credentials will be created, allowing you to book time on our instrument booking system online.

None of our instrument workstations are networked. Hence, it is the responsibility of the user to maintain an archive of their own data. Please note that your data will remain on the instrument hard disk for a limited time only.

Good luck with your research!