University Refugee Forum: Re-connect! Lifelong Learning

17 Jun 2022 | Geneva


Uni4Refugees is very pleased to invite you to the University Refugee Forum on Friday, 17 June 2022, in Geneva. With the University Refugee Forum, we want to highlight the challenges that refugees face regarding further education and university integration, and discuss possible solutions.

The first part of the event is dedicated to the importance of continuing education opportunities for life in exile for refugees living in refugee camps or host societies. The second part focuses on career transitions in Switzerland. In the concluding panel, experts discuss innovative solutions from the perspective of refugee students and researchers, government, universities and civil society. 

Uni4Refugees cordially invites university staff working in the area of diversity and refugee integration, experts from the integration sector and students to join the event.

This event is held in English and French with simultaneous interpretation in French and English.


Thanks to Association média film, you are able to re-live our highlights through the aftermovie below.

See you next year !


Uni Bastions

Rue De-Candolle 5, 1211 Genève 4
Room B106
Registration until June 10, 2022
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  • Didier Raboud, Secretary General, University of Geneva
  • Mathieu Crettenand, Integration Delegate and Head of the Program Horizon académique, University of Geneva
  • Sara Elmer, Head of START! Study - University Integration Program, University of Zurich




  • Anja Klug, Head of the UNHCR Office for Switzerland and Liechtenstein


Keynote: Impact of the War in Ukraine. What Future for Students and Researchers?

  • Vincent Chetail, Director Global Migration Center, The Graduate Institute 



Lifelong Learning for Durable Solutions, from Refugee’s Camps to Host or Third Countries

  • Arash Bordbar, Associate Education Officer at UNHCR
  • Karl Blanchet, Academic Director of InZone and the Geneva Center for Humanitarian Studies
  • Michelle Manks, Senior Manager - Durable Solutions for Refugees – WUSC
  • Oula Abu Amsha, Scholar in Exile and Former SAR

Moderated by Thierry Agagliate, Executive Director InZone, University of Geneva






Lifelong Learning, Career Transition and Refugee Exile

  • Flavia Cangià, Senior Researcher at the University of Fribourg, NCCR
  • Adiba Qasim, Student at the University of Geneva
  • Serkan Seker, Researcher at the University of Geneva

Moderated by Mathieu Crettenand, Horizon académique, University of Geneva



Round-table: Innovative Perspectives on Higher Education & Integration of Refugees

  • University Perspective: Yves Flückiger, President of swissuniversities and Rector of University of Geneva
  • Government Perspective: Prosper Dombele, Scientific Collaborator in the Integration Division, State Secretariat for Migration SEM
  • Refugee Students' and Researchers' Perspective: Emirhan Darcan, SAR-Scholar University of Bern and former participant of the UZH University Integration Program
  • Civil Society Perspective: Sabine Zurschmitten, Representative of VSS-UNES "Perspective - Studies" and Committee Member of the Campaign "Education for All - Now"
  • Researchers' and Students' Perspective: Alina Datsii, PhD Candidate and Assistant in Swiss Politics and Public Management, University of Geneva

Moderated by Sara Elmer, START! Study, University of Zurich



Conclusion & Reception

  • Nicolas Roguet, Integration Delegate for the Canton of Geneva


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