Benjamin Scheibehenne
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Scheibehenne


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Dr. Scheibehenne is a Professor of Cognition and Consumer Behavior at the University of Geneva, School of Economics and Management, Prior to joining the University of Geneva, he received his PhD from the Humboldt University, Berlin, and he worked at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin (Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition), the Indiana University in Bloomington (Cognitive Science Program), and the University of Basel (Center for Economic Psychology) where he also received his habilitation.


Research interests

Dr. Scheibehenne is interested in the cognitive processes underlying judgment and decision making in a consumer context. He works at the intersection between Marketing, Psychology, and Cognitive Science. He likes to collect empirical data and to estimate mathematical models of choice using Bayesian statistics and he is very interested in food choice.

His work has been published in leading academic journals in Marketing, Psychology, and Cognitive Science such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Economic Psychology, Psychological Review, Journal of Experiental Psychology - General, Decision, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, Cognitive Science, and Appetite. He received several academic awards including the Amerbach prize and the Steven Karger prize by the University of Basel and the DeFinetti award by the European Association for Decision Making.

Dr. Scheibehenne is regularly invited to present his research and to give workshops on Bayesian statistics in Switzerland and abroad and he is a member of several scientific organizations including the Cognitive Science Society, the European Association for Decision Making, the European Marketing Academy, the German Association for Psychology, the Psychonomic Society, and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making.

Publication List and CV

An up-to-date publication list and a detailed CV is available on his personal website:



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