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Saussure and Chomsky. Converging and Diverging

Giuseppe Cosenza, Claire A. Forel, Genoveva Puskas et Thomas Robert (éditeurs)

Saussure and Chomsky, the two major figures in linguistics of the twentieth century and beyond, have often been compared. The collection of bilingual English and French papers of this volume offers different perspectives, defended by two generations of researchers, on what brings together and distinguishes the Saussurean and Chomskyan theories. The papers all highlight that the two theories offer points of convergence, as they are interested in the same human manifestation, while divergence emerges from the fact that they build on two different premises about the nature of their object of study. The authors do not always reach similar conclusions but offer thoughts and material that will definitely help readers form their own opinion.


Peter Lang, Sciences pour la communication, Volume 131, 2022

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1 sept. 2023