This workshop aims to foster discussion revolving around methods and approaches relevant to study the United Nations and other IOs. Participants will discuss both the empirical and analytical benefits of different methods and the practicality of their application. The purpose of the workshop is two-fold. First, it intends to identify and question the specificities of the United Nations and other IOs: do IOs require a radical change in the application of a classical method in social sciences? How should researchers adapt their methods to the case of IOs? Secondly, it serves as a venue for researchers from various disciplines to be reflexive on their methodology and their use of different methods to conduct research on IOs.

While addressing these two dimensions, each presentation should consider the following questions: why is this method relevant to study IOs? How do you concretely apply this method to the case of IOs? What are the strengths and weaknesses of such an approach?

The workshop will welcome different types of interventions to answer these questions. Interested scholars can present a paper in which they discuss the relevance and the concrete implementation of a specific method or approach. Others can provide case studies to illustrate the productive use of different methods. Finally, we will welcome methodological appendixes, which provide very practical examples of methods applied to IOs (questionnaire, field notes, visual methods, etc.). We will discuss possible outcomes in terms of publication during the workshop.

By tackling the issues of methodology, the workshop aims to lay the groundwork for innovative, multi-disciplinary future research on the United Nations and other IOs. It intends to be interactive and horizontal to facilitate discussions among participants from different academic communities. It will allow for an interdisciplinary dialogue based on the commitment and the active contribution of all participants. 

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