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Publication 12  

  1. B−C Bond Cleavage and Ru−C Bond Formation from a Phosphinoborane: Synthesis of a Bis-σ Borane Aryl-Ruthenium Complex
    Cassen, A.; Vendier, L.; Daran, J.-C.; Poblador-Bahamonde, A. I.; Clot, E.; Alcaraz, G.; Sabo-Etienne, S.
    Organometallics 2014, 33, 7157-7163

Compared with the reactivity of o-Ph2P(C6H4–CH2)BH(NiPr2) with [RuH22-H2)2(PCy3)2], the behavior of the phosphinoborane Ph2P(CH2–C6H4)BH(NiPr2) is radically different. No agostic σ-B–H complex could be observed, the reaction leading to the isolation of a new bis-σ borane aryl-ruthenium complex via B–C bond cleavage and Ru–C bond formation. Reactivity studies of this complex with dihydrogen and/or HBArF4 as a proton source enable the formation of a tethered chiral-at-Ru piano-stool cationic complex.

DOI: 10.1021/om500972f 

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