General Policy

politique-gernerale.jpgThe University of Geneva, the only comprehensive university in French-speaking Switzerland, provides high-quality higher education and ensure the interdisciplinarity of research. Committed to breaking down knowledge barriers and staying attuned to societal changes, it actively works towards equal opportunities, aiming to ensure broad access to studies and favorable learning conditions.

In accordance with the Law on University, UNIGE conducts its activities along three main axes:

The University is guided by Geneva's values: international openness, respect for human rights, sensitivity to diverse cultures, ethics, humanism, and the tradition of scientific research. It promotes these values, particularly by committing to:

  • Safeguarding the academic freedom of its members
  • Ensuring an environment that fosters learning and critical thinking
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Fostering social and environmental responsibility


strategical Plan

In this perspective, the rectorate and all the deans have established a Strategical Plan that outlines the vision of a university that:

  • Is a versatile university striving for excellence in all fields of knowledge it chooses to invest in. This versatility enables the emergence of inter- and multidisciplinary domains in both research and teaching.
  • Affirms its connections with the international Geneva and is recognized for its ability to integrate global issues into its teaching and research.
  • Asserts itself as a reference university in the Swiss and Francophone space. It also emphasizes its international vocation by embracing languages and cultures from around the world in its teachings and research.
  • Plays a role in the digital revolution, pioneering the use of new technologies in teaching, research, and dissemination methods, as well as in preserving and providing access to knowledge, and administration when justified.

This vision is translated into twelve strategic objectives grouped into four themes: "Profile of the University of Geneva," "Appeal of the University of Geneva to students," "Appeal of the University of Geneva to researchers and all staff," and "Engagement with the community.


objectives agreement

An objectives agreement formalizes the collaboration between the State and the University by establishing, on one hand, the goals assigned to the institution, and on the other hand, the criteria for determining whether they have been achieved. The agreement also defines the amount of the budget allocated to the University for four years, with the achievement of objectives contingent upon the budgetary resources available.


Quality Policy

To sustainably fulfill its missions in an increasingly complex environment, the University of Geneva possesses strong assets: the quality of its staff, its organisation, and processes ensuring the quality of services provided. The University is committed to this endeavor, guided by its quality policy, which, in turn, is based on a systematic approach to prevention and improvement.