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Our research focuses on molecular and supramolecular systems with interesting functions, supramolecular chemistry in action, at work, with emphasis on conceptual innovation, the integration of unorthodox interactions, and applications to significant challenges in science and society. Functions of current interest include catalysis (anion-π interactions, chalcogen, pnictogen bonds), fluorescent probes (mechanochemistry) and cellular uptake (dynamic covalent exchange cascades, antivirals). Click here for application information.

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Chen, H.; Li, T.-R.; Sakai, N.; Besnard, C.; Guénée, L.; Pupier, M.; Viger-Gravel, J.; Tiefenbacher, K.; Matile, S. “Decoded Fingerprints of Hyperresponsive, Expanding Product Space:  Polyether Cascade Cyclizations as Tools to Elucidate Supramolecular Catalysis” Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 10273-10280

Hoogendoorn, S.; Winssinger, N.; Matile, S. “SCS Spring Meeting 2022 on Biosupramolecular Chemistry, University of Geneva, Auditoire Marignac, April 22, 2022” Chimia 2022, 76, 604-606

Sakai, N.; Assies, L.; Matile, S. “G-Quartets, 4-Way Junctions and Triple Helices but Not DNA Duplexes: Planarization of Twisted Push-Pull Flipper Probes by Surface Recognition Rather Than Physical Compression” Helv. Chim. Acta 2022, 105, e202200052

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