Facilities and equipment

See also: NCCR CB Equipments 

We have brand new synthesis labs:

Analytical & Semi-prep HPLC
(JASCO LC-2000 & LC4000)
(Horiba Fluoromax 4 & FM4 NIR)
UV-Vis Spectrometers
(JASCO V-650)
CD Spectrometer
(JASCO J-815)
Microwave Reactor
(CEM Discover SP)
Electrochemical Analyzer
(CHI600) with Solar Simulator
Flash Purification System
(Biotage Isolera Spektra)
Mass Directed Flash Purification System
(Biotage Isolera Dalton 2000)
Vesicle Prep Pro
Solvent recycler

Department of Organic Chemistry

NMR (Bruker 300, 400 & 500 MHz)
NMR Platform
Contact: Patrick Romanens
Contact: Patrick Romanens
Contact: Patrick Romanens
ReactIR (Mettler)
Contact: Patrick Romanens
Polarimeter (JASCO)
Contact: Naomi Sakai
Melting Point (Buchi)
Contact: Duy-Hien Tran
Molecular Modeling
Poblador-Bahamonde group
Microwave Reactor (Biotage)
Contact: Stéphane Rosset
Parr Hydrogenation Apparatus
Contact: Patrick Romanens
Glove Box
Mazet group
Winssinger group

School of chemistry and biochemistry

Dynamic Light Scattering
Borkovec group
Ultrafast Photophysics
Vauthey group
Cell Culture
Roux group
GUV imaging
Roux group
X-ray Crystalography
Contact: Céline Besnard

Faculty of Science

Open access ESI & MS services
Confocal Microscope
Bioimaging Center
Flow Cytometry
Isothermal Titration Calorimeters
Scapozza group