Romeo and Juliet: a Tragedy of Routine, spectacle de l'atelier-théâtre en langue anglaise, automne 2020

Crédits: Aiana Benedito, Livia Frizzone and Lara Schoennagel

Romeo and Juliet: A Tragedy of Routine

Par l'atelier-théâtre en langue anglaise

Colleague: No! Your daughter is going out with Romeo Montague?
Colleague laughs, unable to stop herself.
Mrs Capulet hangs her head in shame.

Colleague: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed… If it were me I think I would kill myself.
Mrs Capulet: I mean, that’s what I told her…

Through a series of short stories ranging from comedy to tragedy and everything in between, we meet modern-day incarnations of Romeo and Juliet. We discover who they could have become, had things turned out ever so slightly differently…

Collective stage-writing and cast

  • Josephine Gamez, Catherine Jost, Kyryll Khromov, Xi Li, Pranjal Nayak, Lara Elise Schoennagel and Paula Sosa Antunes Candido

Artistic direction and coordination

  • Nyan Storey


  • Lara Elise Schoennagel


  • Nyan Storey

Light creation

  • Claire Firmann


  • spectacle en anglais
  • entrée libre, chapeau à la sortie

Mesures sanitaires

  • port du masque obligatoire dès l'entrée dans le bâtiment et pendant toute la durée de l'événement
  • identification des personnes par listing papier avant l'entrée dans la salle


Activités culturelles


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  • samedi 10 octobre 2020 20:00 ‑ 21:30


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