Cultural Services

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The Cultural Services offer many courses and activities in several cultural domains (music, dance, theater, nature, …) at preferential rates for students (UNIGE, HES, IHEID), collaborators and alumni.

Find the complete list here (in French).

In order to participate, you must create a personal Culture account and update your academic status. Watch the video below to find out how.

The University Film Club offers a program grouped into three-month cycles, to (re)discover masterpieces, rare films or major authors of the seventh art, from various eras and cultures.

Schedules, rates and location

Screenings take place on Mondays at 8 pm.

Location: Arditi Auditorium, 1, avenue du Mail.

Price list :

  • 1 screening: 8 CHF
  • 3 screenings: 18 CHF
  • 12 screenings: 48 CHF

Tickets can be bought on the spot. The ticket office opens at 7:30 pm.

Current program

You can find out more about the current cycle and programming here (in French).

The Committee

The film cycles of the University Film Club are chosen by a committee made up primarily of students. The committee is also in charge of the elaboration of the Film Club's magazine.

Interested in joining the committee? Send a message at cineclub(at)

The Film Club's magazine

Each film cycle is accompanied by a magazine.

You can ask for a free paper copy of the magazine at cineclub(at), or access the complete archive of past issues in pdf format here.

If your are a student, thanks to your Culture account, you can benefit each week from free tickets for various shows, exhibitions, concerts, screenings...

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The Cultural Services produce many events, for and often by students: concerts, theater & dance performances, screenings, readings, debates, exhibitions, …

Consult the list of upcoming events here (in French).

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