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Teaching support


Recognizing the complexity and challenge of university teaching, we draw on learning theories and research in this field to provide you with adapted and effective teaching strategies, as well as numerous resources to support you in your teaching practices.

Workshops, webinars and experience sharing

We offer numerous workshops, webinars and experience sharing sessions. They are generally held in French.

More information (in French).

Personal counselling

We respond to all your pedagogical requests: specific questions, one-time assistance, support over several sessions, etc.

If the reinforcement of student learning is the ultimate goal of advice or support, it can also lead to:

  • saving time in the preparation of your courses
  • breaking the routine that may set in over time
  • experimenting with new teaching methods
  • increasing students' satisfaction
  • feeling more comfortable in the classroom
  • nourishing your teaching record
  • etc.

Accompaniment can take several forms.

Individual interview

Exchange with a pedagogical advisor, face-to-face, or by telephone or e-mail. You can discuss all your questions, requests, or projects related to your university teaching.


We observe your courses, seminars, practical work and deliver the results of our observations to you, according to the principle of constructive feedback.

Survey and focus group

A focus-group interview or a short survey of students allows for a more nuanced collection of information than a questionnaire. It is a way of collecting students' opinions after a period of teaching, for example at the end of part of a course.


Valorize, formalize and systematize your research and teaching experience within the framework of action-research on university teaching. This research may lead to publications.

Distance learning


We value pedagogical innovation and offer you resources to innovate in your teaching.

Platform for pedagogical innovation

In order to promote pedagogical innovation, we have created a space for the identification of pedagogical innovation projects implemented by teachers at the University of Geneva.

Consult the platform (in French)

Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching

In order to support the pedagogical innovations implemented by the members of the University of Geneva, the Credit Suisse Foundation awards each year the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching to a member or a team of the UNIGE.

The Award rewards innovative actions currently in progress that promote learning within the University.

The Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching is presented annually.

More information (in French)

Teaching evaluation

The evaluation of teaching is a tool for the development of the quality of teaching at the University of Geneva.
It allows to:

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the teaching
  • measure the impact of pedagogical innovations
  • highlight and enhance the value of quality teaching or detect and remedy unfortunate teaching situations
  • guide the support to be provided to faculty members to foster the development of their teaching skills
Institutional evaluation of basic courses

The deanate or management defines the rules in force concerning the planning mode and the periodicity of evaluations. Evaluations must take place at least every three years for bachelor's courses or two years for master's courses. This frequency may be shortened.

As a general rule, evaluations are carried out online at the end of each semester.

For more information, see here (in French) or contact adeven(at)unige.ch.

Institutional evaluation of continuing education courses

The evaluation is carried out by means of online questionnaires sent to continuing education participants to gather their appreciation of various aspects of the training.

We offer a questionnaire for diploma courses and a questionnaire for qualifying courses. The questionnaires are available in French and English.

If you wish to carry out an evaluation of your training, you can send your request to ADEVEN by filling in the evaluation request form with all the information requested. The evaluation request must be sent to adeven(at)unige.ch at least two weeks before the desired evaluation date.

For more information, see here (in French) or contact adeven(at)unige.ch.

Personalized evaluation

Personalized evaluation allows you to explore in detail and in depth your teaching practices through a variety of devices and sources of information. It is a privileged tool for evaluating pedagogical innovations and their impact on your students. Used as a complement to the institutional evaluation process, it can shed light on ambiguous or unsatisfactory results.

For more information, contact us at sea(at)unige.ch.

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