Époque contemporaine/Anthropologie

Irene Maffi

Irene Maffi is Professor of social and cultural anthropology at the University of Lausanne. Since 2006 she has been doing research on fertility and reproduction in Jordan and in Switzerland. Her research in Jordan has explored practices and discourses of childbirth and the interactions between pregnant women and mothers, birth attendants within government and private medical institutions. Her research at the Maternity department of the University hospital of the Canton of Vaud (CHUV) investigates the social and medical trajectories of parents giving birth in this institution as well as their interactions with health professionals. She is the author of a book on politics and culture of childbirth in Jordan, and of several other works on similar topics. Since 2010 she has collaborated with a research team of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the American University of Beirut on a regional project focusing on maternal and child health and including scholars based in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. She has start an ethnographic research on the new culture of Caesarean section in Lebanon (September 2013-September 2014).

Sélection de publications

Maffi I., 2012. Women, Health and the State in the Middle East. The Politics and Culture of Childbrth in Jordan, London, IB Tauris.

Maffi I., 2012. « Géographie du corps féminin et pratiques de la naissance en Jordanie. Une ethnographie du milieu obstétrical », Genre, sexualité, société [En ligne] 8 pp. 1-25. Voir l'article.
Maffi I., 2012.« L’accouchement est-il un événement? Regards croisés sur les définitions médicales et les expériences intimes des femmes en Jordanie et en Suisse », Mondes contemporains. Revue d'anthropologie culturelle et sociale 2 pp. 53-80.

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