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Anne-Elisabeth DONZÉ

Anne-Elisabeth Donzé

Ph.D.candidate - Research and Teaching Assistant

+41 22 379 73 62

Anne-Elisabeth Donzé holds a BA in English and in History (2018) and an MA in English (2020) from the University of Geneva. During her MA, she studied abroad at King's College London for one semester. She has completed this year the certificat de spécialisation en linguistique and will start a PhD in diachronic syntax under the supervision of Professor Eric Haeberli.

Her research interests include the morphology and syntax of early English, mainly of the Middle English period. After focusing on the development of infinitival endings during the Middle English period, she is now interested in the evolution of word order patterns and the syntax of auxiliaries in the history of English. She also wishes to explore syntactic change through language contact.

Academic staff